Casting- FAIL

The other night I was watching Toddlers in Tiara’s. I do believe its way over the top. Spray tanning, fake eye lashes, heavy make-up on young impressionable children. This one mom was shouting and crying like a crazy woman because her daughter’s time on stage was cut short (according to her) and saying the judges hate her (the child). She was saying all of this in front of the little girl… So how the ___ does she expect that child to feel when she sees her mother like that. How does she expect that 3-5 year old to go back on stage and smile when her mother just told her to “forget about it, they hate you.” 

How can she tell such a small child that and not expect her to grow up with self esteem issues? I got so angry, I felt like climbing through the TV and slapping her silly. I mean seriously, this is a competition and if you want to be a contestant you have to realize there’s wins and there’s next time. Even when the little girl won $500 the mother wasn’t happy. She should have been saying, “hey homey this is so much fun, and remember it’ll be awesome if you win something but if you don’t it’s OK. We just do our best and enjoy the experience. All right? Hi 5!”

Today my 10 month old went to a select ad casting, its his 3rd shoot but this was the first time he was especially chosen for the short list. He’s always been such a charmer and the photographers love him. This morning however was not his cup of tea. He enjoyed chatting with the other babies and eating his num-nums. He didn’t even mind getting undressed and wearing a summer outfit that was actually too small for him. The minute I put him down though… it all went to pot. He clung to me like a little monkey, hanging on for dear life. I told him I’ll be right here but alas he didn’t want to let go. 

I was a bit disappointed but you know what, it’s not about me. Those little babies don’t know what’s going on. My son didn’t know this place and these people. So it’s OK. We went there hoping for the best but it’s OK, no biggie. 

Hopefully when he starts nursery school next month he’ll learn to detach from me a bit, get used to other people and unfamiliar surroundings. I’m still proud of him and this doesn’t mean we’ll give up, we have to give that handsome face publicity! 


6 responses to “Casting- FAIL

  1. I have wondered about going to a casting agency with my boys. I even got an advert recently for an agency. Any tips?

    • Its quite simple. You find a reputable agency. You book an appointment for their z card shots (z card is like a portfolio).
      Thereafter the agency will contact you, mine does this via sms. They give you the time, date and venue for the shoot and you have to reply if you’re going to attend. The only crappy thing for me is that it’s always during the week, so I have to take off to attend the castings. When you’re at the casting you fill in a sheet with your details and they give you a number. There will be millions of other kids, so get there even an hour earlier if you can. At a select casting there wont be as much kids because they were already chosen to be there (its not so random). You wait for your turn, they might give you clothing to put on for them and when they call you then just plop them down were the photographer says.

      Twins are definitely in demand, as well as newborns (looking at you thecolouredfulwife 😉 )

  2. Yaiks! That is definitely way over the top. Kids should dress up like kids and they should act like kids. The poor little girl.

    You’re right, your future star looks like a charmer! Keep us posted on his showbiz career 🙂

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