Long Weekend In Pictures

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5 responses to “Long Weekend In Pictures

    • Lekker man! Yes we always take as much precooked goodies as possible. Especially for the first night, because who wants to cook when you’ve just arrived on your holiday?

      We usually take a home baked steak pie, this time we took Shepard’s Pie with a short crust pastry base. My mom baked scones and Hertzoggies. We bought muffins and biscuits at Woolies and snacks. Obviously your braai goodies can’t be left behind but we made smoortjie the Saturday because we aren’t that mad about braai. Monday we just had left overs.

      We like to have big brunches to avoid making breakfast and then again lunch.

      I still wanted to post the recipe for our Eid steak pie and now I’m going to post the one for the scones as well.

      • PS: Just spoke to my mom now, she says there are no recipes. She just does it. *Ai tog mum!*

        I guess one just has to make scones as per usual and throw the cranberry & raisins into the mix.

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