My vivid imagination

Sometimes I wish I could video record my dreams. 

My best creative inspiration comes from my dreams. Often in my dreams there are buildings or houses and I see them in such detail and try hard to remember it. Being the daughter of a building contractor I know how to draw plans, so when I wake up I try to draw the plans and write notes about furniture, style of the house or the garden etc. 

There was a time I went through a designer phase and once just before I woke up I saw a detailed picture of a dress in front of me. 

I currently have 2 rectangular canvas boards waiting to be painted for probably 3+ years now, I just never knew what to paint on it or I’d chop and change my mind. Recently I dreamed of the 2 boards and saw colours and figures start appearing on it, as if it was painting itself. The painting in my dream ended up as a shark jumping out of the sea. 

When I was very young I had a recurring dream where I opened a door to a house, possibly in an early 20 or late 19th century setting. I only stood in the foyer but knew exactly where every room was. I knew the house. I stood in the foyer looking toward a flight of wooden stairs starting on my left that curved toward the right and across the front upstairs. I then saw a lady standing on the stairs. She looked at me and I looked at her into her eyes. Her eyes widened as if she saw a ghost. I remember waking up but trying to stay asleep and holding onto the dream. For some reason I thought that the woman (maybe 20+ years old) was me and that house was mine.  She was shocked because she recognized me as she saw her 9-year-old self staring back at her. 

Stairs curving like this but on the left. It was thick wooden railing with wooden floor and wall panels. Red Persian carpet.

But that can’t be true, I don’t believe in reincarnation. 

Last night’s dream: 

So last night I had a dream of a princess that was running away from bad guys, they were knights on horses. I was her and sometimes I could see her face. She ran to a house and hid in the garden, I remember willing myself to be invisible to the guards, then I jumped, half flew over the fence to get into the property. the building was strange, not really a house. She ran into the place (it was open) and ran around into a room and out a side door while being chased and then into the front again and around out the side door. Until the owner of the house caught me. He hid me away and got rid of the bad guys. He allowed me to stay and live there until it was safe to go out again. 

One day while helping his maid with something, the maid said something about him and the princess blushed, the maid then said, “you like him don’t you? You bush every time you hear his name.” The princess felt flushed and smiled, “Wow I am blushing,” she realized, “I guess I do like him.” and the two ladies smiled at each other. 

Gosh I wonder if I’ll live long enough to see the invention of a dream recorder. 


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