Its 10:07pm, we arrived home from a weekend getaway this afternoon and here I am in bed Googling, “hairline breakage”.
Oh my golly gosh, its such a nightmare. BTW Im posting this with my cellphone so please excuse bad spelling and if I use too much abbreviations, its just habit… anyway.

Im kind of freaking out because I thought it was the end of my youthful good-looks due to aging skin and my hair dilemma . However, my hairline that now resembles sun rays, might not be breakage but could be regrowth.

During pregnancy, my hair was really healthy, after I gave birth I lost all my pregnancy weight and more, I was referred to by my colleagues as an inspiration to potential mommies and then, a month or two later the horrid hair loss started. It came out in tufts, I wasnt even concerned at first because I always had thick hair but the damage started to show and obviously I didn’t like what I saw. Honestly, I didn’t know about these ‘symptoms’ pre-pregnancy and Im not saying I would’ve changed anything but a little warning would’ve been great.

Getting back to my discovery, I’ve been facing some really bad hair days that gave my confidence quite a knock. I even asked DH if I should go to the salon tomorrow to chop my hair short or do something to hide it. Then the Googling started and I made my discovery; 10 months post pregnancy could very well stimulate hair regrowth. I’m so confused as to how I should feel about this, sure I’m happy if it’s not broken but it still looks like crap and could take ages to grow out.

After doing the below inspection I am pleased to confirm that it is in fact new hair along my hairline.

How to tell the difference between breakage or regrowth By ehow

  • 1

    Examine your hair for damage. Check for split ends and breakage. Rub the ends of your hair between your fingers and listen for a rough, sandpaper-type sound. This signifies extremely dehydrated hair. This will give you an idea of the condition of your hair.

  • 2

    Feel the hair. Baby hair will have a soft, smooth feel while damaged hair feels rough. New growth will also appear thinner than broken hair because it grows in sporadically. Damaged hair normally breaks off in sections, resulting in a specific area of broken hair.

  • 3

    Determine the color of the hair. New growth is usually one or two shades lighter than your natural hair color and will darken as it grows. Broken hair strands will perfectly match your natural color. Also, if you frequently dye your hair, new growth will not match the dyed color, while breakage will.

  • 4

    Use the pointed end of the rat tail comb to pull back a 1-inch wide section of hair directly behind the hair you are examining. Repeat steps 1 and 2. If the hair appears damaged and broken, more than likely, the other strands are broken as well.


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