I miss you already

Please excuse my Monday Blues in this post.The weekend was brilliant. Spring gifted us with fabulous summer weather on Saturday AND Sunday, which is a really good change from the gloomy, cold weather we’ve had this long winter. 

Yesterday DH, LO and I stayed home and just lounged around. The morning DH took LO outside, chatting to the neighbors and exploring, since he’s hardly ever been outside compared how long we’ve kept him indoors due to winter. 

After lunch I took LO outside and felt quite nostalgic when I saw a gang of youngsters walk by with their swimwear, towels and boogie-boards.  It reminded me of when my parents and I moved in to this area and I met a group of youngsters my age on the beach, only to learn that they’re my new neighbors. At the time I had just discovered the surfer chick in me so, that summer I had such fun. Life was quite different now, living at the coast compared to an ‘inland’ (as I say ‘dry’) suburb. After school we’d walk to the beach and took walks over sand dunes and fynbos . With all the teens my age in this area, parties were a weekly occurrence, a scene I was quite new to. 

Walking with my baby along the pavement yesterday, listening to the sounds of laughter and shouts coming from the beach, hearing the waves crashing on the white sand, I’ve come to love, I couldn’t help but feel glum about the fact that we’ll be moving away soon. After we moved to this peaceful neighborhood where the neighbors are like extended family and seeing the vast ocean when looking out your bedroom window, I vowed I’d never move away. I can’t imagine looking out my bedroom window and see nothing but bricks and concrete with no blue sea or white sand. 

However, I have to face reality. The studio apartment I’m living in at my parents’ home was perfect for DH and me but now we have LO. We need a room for him and perhaps future siblings and we definitely need the privacy a studio apartment lacks. We have to move to the suburbs. 

I regret my LO won’t have the surfer dude lifestyle our current residence offers, but I know that where ever we live, he’ll have a great childhood. We’ll create good memories for him to cherish and DH & I will embrace our new lifestyle with open arms and give it a fair chance. 

This is DH and I at ‘our’ beach on our 3rd anniversary in the heart of winter 1 July 2010. (Every 1st July the weather is always lovely *wink*)


9 responses to “I miss you already

  1. What lovely photos.

    I grew up in CPT but never had the luck to live within walking distance of the sea. We still spent many long weekend days on the beach.

    Sure your LO will have a different childhood to you, but it will be magical none the less.

    • I think I’m still trying to hold onto my childhood, if you know what I mean. Eish growing up…

      Hey imagine what it would be like for me to move to Joburg- I’d be like a fish out of water lol

      • Ha ha ha. Yes Joburg is hectic compared to Cape Town. There is a lot to love about Jozi but it is a completely different lifestyle.

        I would love it if you moved to Joburg…imagine our 3 boys playing together while we drink coffee and chat.

  2. Think all of us, or most of us 80’s babies miss our childhood, so dont feel sad, its normal missing it, we a very different generation..

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