I said NO- tantrums and discipline

NO! Yesterday was the first time I used this word with acute assertiveness with my 9 month old. We’ve given him more and more freedom to move about and explore but when something is out-of-bounds, it stays out-of-bounds and I want him to know this for his own good.

Yesterday he crawled up the little step and practically into the fireplace. Relax, there was no fire! But it was unsafe none the less. I told him, “No LO, that’s dangerous.” He looked at me and continued. “No! LO, I said no!” and I took him away. He then threw himself back and stamped his tiny feet.

When he does this I jokingly say, “tantrums, tantrums” but it has only now struck me that, my precious baby in fact has thrown tantrums, actual tantrums associated with toddlers. On the great Google they mention tantrums starting not at the terrible two’s but possibly from 12 months old. He’s been stating his case for well over a month now, the body thrashing started even earlier but the recent foot stamping has led me to believe that this is real tantrums. Where do they learn this foot stamping anyway?

He throws tantrums when he doesn’t get his way usually he wants to be carried around all the time and throws himself around when we put him down, also when we take something away from him. In cases like this I distract him.

One of my baby milestone app’s have ‘understanding the word NO‘, as a milestone. I’ve never used the word properly with him to know if he understand’s it but he does understand when I call him and say “come here”. The first time he surprised me was when he was about 7-8 months and I told DH, “give him to me” and LO leaned toward me, arms out stretched as if he knew exactly what I meant and I wasn’t even talking to him.

Besides him climbing the stairs (I wasn’t home for that) yesterday was the first time I told him “no!” as to warn him of danger. LO is a clever little bugger with a strong will, like my dad says he gets it from both sides of the family, so I’ll be reinforcing the NO for danger and hope somehow he accepts it as a-matter-of-fact instead of thinking I’m just being a nuisance and carry on what he is doing. It’s high hopes, I know but the more he grows, the more I’ll be faced with tricky situations. The challenge is mostly deciding what is age appropriate. I don’t want to seem harsh and put a nine month old in time out, at the same time I want him to learn as soon as possible what is bad and dangerous.

Also I want to raise a well-balanced, good mannered child. DH lets the cat get away with murder (sometimes literally; poor birds), therefore I foresee myself as the main disciplinarian. DH and I have discussed this, I made it clear that I don’t want to be the evil one while he’s the cool parent. Still, I can’t picture him dishing out punishments.

Seeing ‘undisciplined’ kids always puts me off, I was a good kid, good manners, well behaved (pre-teen of course) I didn’t throw tantrums, in fact I don’t think I knew it was even an option. When I, on the rare occasion did something naughty I got a good few slaps of my moms shoe on my butt, so I didn’t even dare do anything as bold as throw a tantrum. It’s this that made me tell DH that I’ll just give my kids a ‘look’ and they’ll know to stop what ever they are doing immediately. While not wanting to be a wicked witch I reckon it’ll be quite wicked (as in awesome) if I did achieve that skill. Only time will tell. 


2 responses to “I said NO- tantrums and discipline

  1. Matt throws full on temper tantrum, balled fists and kicking legs. It is so cartoon-like I have to stop myself from laughing. Leo is a chilled little dude who hardly ever gets upset, I did see him punch Matt in the face a couple days ago.

    Eek! Twin boys…I think I’m going to have my hands full.

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