Great Expectations

DH ordered an iPad for me online a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been wanting one for years but couldn’t afford it, so now that DH has a permanent job; no we are not going on shopping sprees (although I wish we could), we’re concentrating on paying off our debt!

He did however feel like doing something special for me, after all these years of bringing home the macon. Sure a bunch of red roses delivered to the office would be nice but receiving an ipad will be way better.

So a few minutes ago our receptionist calls me, saying there’s a package for me at the front desk. I think oh what could it be? Then I realize its here, its finally here! And get all excited.

Unfortunately To my surprise, it was in fact not the illusive ipad but an A5 diary (that I hardly remember ordering) from the Institute for the Blind. Unlike previous years, I hope I actually get to use it next year.



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