9 months old!


This morning before I left for work, he was chewing the tip of my pointy high heels. It reminds me of the time my cat was my baby and he played with my sneakers, I wrote on my FB status: No need to buy kids toys, just give them whatever’s in the house and let them use their imagination. See I wasn’t far off the mark, I think I’ve got this parenting thing down. 

So here’s an update:

  • He’s crawling and standing up against furniture, he can also stand without support for a few seconds but he’s not confident enough to move his feet. What amazes me is that he knows exactly what’s happening. He knows he’s doing something remarkable and stands there holding his balance, concentrating and darting his eyes to me for encouragement and when he feels he’s going to fall, he moans as if to say, OK, catch me now. 
  • When he has something and you take it away he throws a tantrum, lately he’s into carrying a sock in his mouth while he crawls. He also bites his own dirty socks and tries to pull it off his feet with his teeth. 
  • He has 8 teeth. 4 on top, 4 at the bottom. They didn’t come out in the order they’re supposed to but they’re all there now. His teeth are really sharp, my mom has several open wounds on her shoulders and arms to prove it. Lucky for me, I catch him before he does it to me!
  • Sometimes when he ‘talks’ he sounds like he’s actually saying words. 
  • He can wave bye and give high-fives too. 
  • He’s become very attached to me and then my mother who takes care of him during the day. Yesterday he was a bit cranky, I suspect it’s teething. While trying to get him to sleep my mom came in for something and went out again, he burst out crying so heart-sore with tears flowing as if he got really hurt.  When he is with DH & me, he mostly wants to be with me and for some reason he’ll only fall asleep with me, he’ll fight his sleep until I take him. 

I’ve mentioned in a earlier post how wriggley he is, it’s a battle of wills to get his nappy changed, get him dressed or anything of the sort. According babyshrink.com , with baby being mobile at this age, immobility is the enemy to him and at the same time, all this exploring of his makes him aware of how much he needs me, hence the clinginess. 

So now we have a big boy with new abilities. We have new learning experiences and new ways to enjoy each other and have fun. 

8 responses to “9 months old!

  1. Aahhhh he’s gorgeous! I remember how difficult just changing Cole’s diaper was at this age. Sometimes I had to call in DH for reinforcemnt so that I could get him dressed.


  2. Luckily L is chilled and easy to change. Changing M’s nappy is like WWE Smackdown. Exhausting.

    Isn’t 9 months such a fun age?

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