Its Wednesday but it somehow still feels like Monday. With my Boss being away on an overseas vacation I’ve been quite busy holding the fort. Needless to say I’m quite worn out and need a break myself. 

I do have a weekend away planned for the end of the month’s long weekend. I’m looking forward to it so much I find myself daydreaming about lazing in the hot springs with absolutely nothing else to do. No demands!

Of course I have a baby to take care of but unlike last time we went to our favorite holiday destination, my baby isn’t 2 months old and he’s not breastfeeding. It was the heart of summer the last time we went so the lukewarm pool was just right for LO’s fragile skin. Its spring now so I don’t know what the weather will be like although for some reason it’s always lovely there, no matter what time of year it is. Therefore I hope LO will enjoy being in the pool this time too.

Last night I told DH, “Oh I can’t wait for the long weekend.” and he asked, “why?” Why? What does he mean why? So he went on to tell me how boring he finds going there for holiday. “well,” I said, ” by all means feel free to stay here, because I know enough people who would take your place in a heartbeat and you can stay here alone, with your broken computer.” I know him so well, he’d love to be all alone with his PC without any disturbance from anyone for anything. He’d sit in front of that PC and play some or other war game and won’t move to even go to the toilet, all day. Yes that’s his ideal long weekend. But alas his PC is broken, he tried fixing it to no avail, so he’ll have to send it to the PC guy. 

“So please make up your mind because I’ll then have to make arrangements.” I teased. He then replied, “No it’s fine I’ll go, but only because I’ll miss LO too much.” 

Ha! So he finds our vacations boring hey, well there are lots of activities available for entertainment but I’ll give him something to do. He can keep LO entertained while I enjoy doing absolutely nothing. 


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