cakes and candles

NB: This post only applies to people older than 21 

What is it about birthdays that gets people either squealing or squirming?

I know so many people who make a really big deal of their birthday, planning it 11 months in advance (even 2 years in advance if relevant age is a round number!)

Then there are people who hide their birthdays, either because they are in denial or don’t want the attention. I fall into the latter group. 

I tell everyone who would listen that I don’t give two hoots about my birthday, it’s just another day of the week. I often forget people’s birthdays too and this lands me in boiling water, which I resent because of the fact that I don’t ‘get it’. I don’t understand why it’s SO important. Sure its a special day because who’ve been on plant earth this long and that’s awesome, I agree. Without a doubt, a gift or good wishes are lovely, I wont mind receiving them even if its two weeks late but I certainly wont cut my neighbor’s tree down because he said good morning and drove away without wishing me. 

Same goes for other days mankind decided to make special i.e. mothers day and fathers day. 

Now don’t go assuming I’m heartless just yet. I’ll have you know that I can smell marketing a mile away. It’s a money-making racket! Now in May I have to scrape the last bits of change out of the cookie jar to buy a Mothers Day present while my car could do with a service which costs a thumb and an ear but then the following month I yet again have to forfeit that service to fork out a Father’s Day gift. No, you are not allowed to judge me now either, let me enlighten you on something I believe is a rule to live by: Mother’s day and Fathers day is EVERYDAY.

What about all the other 355 days I bent over backwards to please my parents? Are you, Mr Shopping Mall telling me I’m an ungrateful, selfish child because I didn’t buy a card and teddy for this specific day? 

Look I enjoy a party now and then so by all means throw a bash, I need a reason to wear those ridiculously high heels but I humbly ask that if I do not remember your birthday/anniversary/whatever, you know I have not suddenly turned on you and hate your guts. I’m still the loving person you know me as, feel free to give me a reminder and I’ll give you a hug. 

PS: I’m planning my own surprise 30th birthday party for 2015 *true story*


3 responses to “cakes and candles

  1. I wanted a big 30th and ended up having a small party with a few friends because we had 1 month old babies.

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