Mother Nature scares me sometimes

I currently reside in a relatively new area, near the coast. We moved in February 2003.  Before we moved in, during the building process of our home, (built from scratch by my awesome dad. I even laid some bricks for the fireplace wall) we’d camp out at “the plot” and spend great summer days with the family. During the night we’d hear the ocean roar and the sound was as soothing as a lullaby. 

9 years later, its not as soothing. Not to me, especially not at night. Thanks to the 2004 Tsunami I can safely say that anyone who lives within view of the ocean has had at least one dream/nightmare about their house being engulfed by a huge wave. 

I said dream at first because once I actually dreamed I opened my 2nd story bedroom window to find the ocean at my fingertips. I wasn’t scared, instead I was envying the guys surfing on the waves passed me because I wish I was as good at surfing as they were. 

The day Cape Town had a ‘tsunami scare’ (was it this year?) everyone kept joking about how they have their sail boats and boogie boards ready. I don’t find that funny at all. 

During a recent thunder storm, the thunder was much louder than usual. I was up almost all night praying for the loud sounds to stop. (I’m such a phobic- scared of insects, scared of worms, scared of moths, scared of ghosts, scared of SOUNDS)

Last night I woke up to a peaceful silence, only to suddenly, out of nowhere hear a loud roar coming from the ocean. I cringed! It was no use looking out the window because all you’d see is black where the sea is. 

At times like those its natural to think about what you’ll grab first; Food? Clothing? My mom once said she had a dream about a tsunami and the first thing she did was grab her jewelry (typical). All I know is Ill grab my son. After that I imagine I’d jump into my car and drive like there’s no tomorrow. If its too late to drive I’ll climb onto the highest part of the roof and hold onto the chimney REAL tight. 

I suppose one can never be prepared for a disaster like that but just for reassurance, we have a dinghy on the deck! 


3 responses to “Mother Nature scares me sometimes

  1. Okay this is just plain freaky. Your post reflects exactly what we were talking about last night (and do very very regularly and obsessively).Just last night Mo and I attended a meeting in Sea Point. We parked in one of the parking areas overlooking the ocean and I mentioned to him how I cannot believe there was a time I ever found the rhythmic waves of the ocean to be soothing. In the dark, I couldn’t help but imagine I was seeing the water receding (the way it apparently does just before a tsunami hits). I think you are not alone in you tsunami nightmares – my older kids have them regularly; I had one just a few nights ago!

    • Sea Point is known for its huge waves splashing over the walkway! There was a few days in last year that the ocean here receded. It was quite far back but not enough to make you run for your life, still, when it’s so real.. it’s unreal. We didn’t do or say anything, we just acted normal while internally screaming our heads off. It lasted a few days, then went back to normal. I don’t know what was up with that, Allah knows best!

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